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November 23, 2012 by Rua Lupa

Hello Everybody,

I am Rua Lupa, one of the new writers here at No Unsacred Place. I’d first like to formally thank Lupa for inviting me to join this wonderful group of people (which was quite a pleasant surprise), it will be a great pleasure to be writing along side all of you. And I hope I can make a respectable contribution.

As for who the heck this here person is, I’ll gladly enlighten you.

I hail from northern Ontario, Canada. I lived there most my life, up until a few years back when I started living south of the Boreal Forest (where I get to actually see autumn colours other than yellow). After getting my Wildlife Technician diploma in Sault Ste. Marie, I now live on the largest fresh water island in the world – Manitoulin Island.

I am Metis, meaning that I have mixed ancestry with the First Nations (Native American peoples of Canada) and European settlers. I was raised mostly in French Canadian tradition that over the generations became predominantly English speaking. So I don’t speak French, being nowhere near bilingual. Even so, my bloodline is mostly of Celtic origin which led to a passion in learning about that side of my ancestry. This inevitably lead to Druidism; the flavor of which being the Reformed Druids of North America. I grew up knowing little of my native side due to it being oral traditions, having little written down. But since then, in the past couple of years, I’ve had the great opportunity to directly learn the Anishinabek (Ojibway) traditions and teachings. This enables me to provide some insights on this tradition, and likely will in my future writings.

Through this process I’ve done the Metis thing of combining traditions, with an added naturalistic perspective. This resulted in founding a tradition called Ehoah, meaning ‘complete harmony within Nature’. Where those who agree with the tenets are called Saegoahs – ‘Seekers of complete harmony within Nature’. With this outlook and approach I’ve been a board member of Bike Share Algoma, founded, ran and organized the Sault Community Drum Circle and the Gore Bay Drum Jam, invented the Borealis, Australis, and Globus Kalendars, and tinkered with many skills. From glass working, welding, carpentry, and drafting to advanced wilderness first aid, life guarding, canoe tripping, winter camping, and orienteering. I’m better described as leaning toward a jack of all trades, master of none. I am also a leech for learning more about these skills and new ones. Being told I have too many hobbies receives a familiar shrug as I carry on with my latest fascination and experimentation.

With this love of learning comes little fear of shying away from uncomfortable or ‘touchy’ topics. Those who know me best know that any subject is on the table and can talk and debate all night on anything. Each taking turns playing ‘devil’s advocate’, testing the other’s points, and it sometimes becomes difficult to tell when they’re playing that role, as we’ve come to be able to do it so well. In future writings and comment board conversations I may play this game of testing and prodding out of habit with friends. I’ll refrain from such in-depth debate here unless directly invited. If anyone reading this shares this passion, please comment below so I know who is game 🙂 and will refrain with others who would rather avoid the shenanigans.

I feel the need to point out that I personally don’t consider myself Pagan. I don’t find any offense in this descriptor, in fact when those who consider themselves Pagan call me as much, I take it as a compliment. I stand in solidarity with my Pagan friends, helping as best as I can in having Paganism gain acceptance as legitimate belief systems and paths. I just personally find that it encompasses so much that it can be confusing, potentially losing meaning in the process. Preferring to keep it simple, I call myself a Naturalist and Saegoah.

Other than that. I love to laugh, tumble around with canine friends, go for long off trail hikes guided only by map and compass (and sometimes with just my wit), work with wildlife, and help out my neighbours and friends.

Please feel free to ask what ever question comes to mind. As there is no such thing as a stupid question, for if there was I’ve already asked way too many in my time ^_^


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