Community Connections: Ehoah Ceremony Outline

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May 2, 2013 by Rua Lupa

Here is the announcement of the Ehoah Ceremony Outline now available on the official website. It is designed around the natural rhythms and functions of nature as revealed through the scientific method. All things Ehoah are based naturalistically, being an outline each individual or group can build on top of it in their own way. Any questions, thoughts or suggestions are welcome.


Individuals are free to enter or leave ceremony at any time

Beginning an Ehoah Ceremony: Directions

  • Walk onto grounds from West in one full circle around perimeter (illustration as guide, red is the ‘center’ potentially being a fire)
  • On the second go around, gather in loose circular clump around center (children and pets can move freely about)
  • Once everyone is gathered, collectively do a verbalized deep Inhale
  • Hum led and stopped by designated organizer, stopping when the ‘feeling is right’ (or chant Eh-O-Ah thrice)
  • Acknowledge directions in open stances:

“I/We acknowledge the East, the direction we turn to, toward our host star at dawn and deep space at dusk.”

“I/We acknowledge the Sky (face nearest pole); from plants we have the ocean of air that envelopes us; Our shield, our breath.”

“I/We acknowledge the West, the direction we turn from, where we last see our host star before night, and deep space before day.”

“I/We acknowledge the Earth (face equator),

  • Place left hand on heart, and right hand on other kin (whether it be human, pet, plant, or soil organisms – by touching ground) (the resulting group position is called the Web of Life)

From star dust, a new star, planets – this planet; developing from its oceans, along a long lineage of life, now exists all current life on this planet; we are all made of this place we call home.”

  • Turn Eastward to face Nearest Pole or Center and begin ceremony focus (bonding, birth, diffusion, Solis Festivitas etc.)

Closing an Ehoah Ceremony:

  • Do Web of Life
  • Led Hum or Thrice Chant
  • Verbalized Deep Exhale

“As we go our separate ways, know that we are not.”

  • Leave toward East – the direction earth turns toward.

(Update: here is the link to the Ehoah Customs page on the official Ehoah Website that has this updated version and other rituals – )

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