Saegoah Kalendar Now Available + Cervid Constellation Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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Oct 17, 2014 by Rua Lupa

For quite some time people have been asking for the Saegoah Kalendar and now it is finally available as a digital download. That way you a) don’t have to deal with shipping and its associated problems, and b) You can choose the type of ink and paper you want to print the kalendar with. Ideally, if you are able to, this would be with plant based ink and sustainably harvested paper.

Pandion / Globus Kalendar - A Global Nature Based Calendar. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Pandion / Globus Kalendar – A Global Nature Based Calendar. Image Credit: Rua Lupa


This flip kalendar is ideal for those who, like me, find that the current Gregorian calendar in common use today makes little sense – especially when it comes to the seasons. Not only does this kalendar operate according to the solterra (solar-earth events), it marks out the solar seasons that can be outlined to fit your regional climate, its months are named after wildlife that are active in that hemisphere along with their respective constellations seen high in the night sky that time of year. That way, just from knowing the date, you instantly become aware of the season, solterra, wildlife, and stars. In other words, through using this kalendar you end up making meaningful connections with your surrounding environment. Not only that but the meteor showers are marked out on the kalendar, the gregorian dates are marked out for ease of use, and it is perpetual – you never have to buy another calendar again!



Along with this kalendar announcement I’ve managed to make Cervid Constellation pumpkin carving patterns in time for Halloween, Samhain, and Transnox. You can either choose a version that shows the deer species that is within your region, or buy the complete package with all the deer patterns that represent the whole borealis (northern hemisphere).

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I have making and using them.
Solterra Festivitas!

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