Inoculative Libations to the Land

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Mar 9, 2015 by Rua Lupa

I’m a big fan of keeping my practices tangible so that I know what impacts I’m actually making in the world. I’m personally not interested in involving Deity-speak (my use of the word meaning including the mention or reference to deities as metaphors). I honestly feel hypocritical if I did do that as I personally don’t believe in the existence of deities and so feel no need to incorporate them. I find leaving them out makes things less confusing in interpretation and is a way of respecting those who do believe in them. However, all the rituals and ceremonies I provide as a Saegoah is purely optional and can be freely redone by other Saegoahs who are believers to suit their needs. Any rituals and ceremonies provided by any Saegoah is seen as a potential guideline to build upon rather than a writ in stone ritual or ceremony for what Saegoahs do, unless of course its an official ceremony or ritual written by and is intended only for their specific group within the Ehoah Path. We’re very open to sharing and trying new things to help one another in our quest for Ehoah (complete harmony within Nature). Below is one such optional custom and ritual.

Nature Is Everything. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Nature Is Everything. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Worm Composting Bin for Snacks - Revealing The Worms. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Worm Composting Bin for Snacks – Revealing The Worms. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Whatever comes from Nature is of Nature, no matter its form or its location. Nothing is separate from Nature. In knowing this we as Saegoahs choose to ensure our connections within Nature are harmonious and encourage life, instead of ignoring the workings of Nature and inadvertently cause disharmony. One such thing that can be done is vermicomposting (learn how you can do that here) and from vermicomposting comes an inoculate – a liquid fertilizer chock full of micro-organisms that are beneficial to a soil ecosystem. We can take this vermicomposting resource and put it to good use by providing it to the land. Either feeding it to our own gardens that we directly reap the benefits from, or we can make it a libation – a sacrificial offering that we personally don’t directly benefit from. This can be done by way of going to land that you don’t personally own and pouring these libations there. Or, you can set aside land that within our societal legal system you do own, but have made it to be its own place – being sanctified as land that belongs to itself.

Garden by the Stairs. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Garden by the Stairs. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

This can be of any size, be it a square meter (square yard) or hundreds of acres. This land grows in its own way, and it can be cared for in a way that benefits it further. It can be offered native seeds in compost and libations of inoculate to promote life. Such a place can be considered a sacred grove for ritual and ceremony that you, or your group, are dedicated to (to learn how you can establish a self-sustaining forest for this purpose go here).

Inoculative Libations To The Land

Chalice In The Trees. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Chalice In The Trees. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

“In gathering what has been left from my toils in sustaining myself, and with the workings between species that share this land, this enriched liquid was cultivated.

Instead of keeping this enriched liquid for my personal gain, I offer it here, to this land so that this land may itself be enriched for its own benefit, and through it may all others of this land prosper.

pro solterrestriale vitae*”

(“pro solterrestriale vitae” means, “for solar-earth life”)



*Hat tip to Chris Hughes for providing the grammatically correct form for this phrase!

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