Saegoah Pursuits: Gardening with Rainwater Harvesting Earthworks, A Photo Essay

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May 11, 2015 by Rua Lupa

Last year I converted the area by my apartment stairs into a hugelkultur garden. The image below is an animated gif (may require clicking to view) of that design and its results.


What I had found is that while my garden was way more productive, I also found that because of its location it required me to water it at least every three weeks. Because even if it had rained (which within the 3 week time frame would have been sufficient in keeping it hydrated for another 3 weeks), the roof overhang and the stairs themselves would prevent the garden from receiving the water. So I decided to put in the extra work so I don’t have to do any work long term. I did this by combining my garden with a rainwater garden system.

Rain Garden. Image Credit: Jenny L. at

Rain Garden. Image Credit: Jenny L. at

Because I strive to live harmoniously within Nature as a Saegoah many conventional methods of doing things gets thrown out the window, like my garden. It is unlike any garden in town because it is self fertile and as of this spring, self watering as well. In the process of making it I got a great many odd looks and even laughed at by those passing by. The following is a photo essay of the process and end result of this endeavor.

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