Solitary Saegoah Ritual Outline – With Alternative Wording (Great For Earth Day)

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Apr 19, 2016 by Rua Lupa

As with all Saegoah customs, any thing that any Saegoah shares is optional, with the only foundational thing being The Three Basic Tenets.

Saegoah's Three Basic Tenets

Saegoah’s Three Basic Tenets

Finish morning routine with this ritual

Sit facing the Sun, Chant ‘Ehoah’ (“A” as in able, “O” as in oak, “Aw” as in dawn) as long as desired

Stand and acknowledge each direction in open stances

“I acknowledge the East – the direction we turn to; where we first see our host star at dawn, and deep space at dusk”

“I acknowledge the Pole – the dome of our planet and ocean of air that envelopes us; from plants we have this shield, our breath.”

“I acknowledge the West – the direction we turn from; where we last see our host star at dusk, and deep space at dawn.”

“I acknowledge the Equator – the belly of our earth;”

(place your left hand over your heart and with your right hand touch the nearest living thing, even if it is just the soil organisms in the ground)
“from Stardust our Planet, from its Oceans along a long lineage of Life came all of us, we are all part of this place we call Home.”

Continue your day

Optional Ending
Have a cup of water that in the center or held in front of you during ritual.
At end of ritual, pour this cup onto the ground (or in planters if indoors) while saying,
“pro solterrestriale vitae” (for solar-earth life)


For the full public Ceremony Outline and it’s original wording, click here



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