Beaver Testicles


Apr 22, 2016 by Rua Lupa

One of the reasons why I haven’t been all that active in my other blog site is because I’ve been working on getting my heraldry submitted in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), and its at the end of the process right now, but that is when I find that I need an IAP – an Individually Attested Pattern. Meaning I need to find three examples of the pattern I am trying for in historical documents of heraldry. And there is a lot of them. I’ve been through several books (online) already, and a number of pages (scrolls or loose pages, scanned to be online) – Thank Goodness For The Internet! And as thankful I am for the internet making these things accessible when it otherwise wouldn’t be an option, it has become drudgery and has put a damper on my enthusiasm for the art. Something I’m sure most heralds eventually go through.

But, there is a plus side. I get to stumble across some historical gems and find different ways to blazon (the coded language that heralds use to paint a mental image that is universal – so no matter what any herald who reads a blazon can draw the exact same picture. It is pretty awesome ^_^ )

So I’ve added different blazon patterns to my stash of heraldry references, and made memes from the unique ones – some need nothing but the image themselves. I’m likely to continue these shenanigans as I continue down this heraldic rabbit hole so look for the “Medieval Meme” tags for more in the future.

The following is what I’ve come up with thus far:

Because the bunny just looked too smug for their circumstances,
1Armorial of the Holy Roman Empire_pg905_LastLaugh

For those of us who’ve come across the Double Rainbow craze that resulted from this youtube video (and be sure to continue to the Double Rainbow Song because its great!) I could not unsee the connection here,
Double Rainbow - What Doth It Mean


Anton Tirol's Wappenbuch_Pg74_Axe-Hands




Because its not something you think of when it comes to a heraldic styled beast,

Armorial of the Holy Roman Empire_pg389

Later on in this same book I came across a funny interpretation,

1Armorial of the Holy Roman Empire_pg355_Beaver

Now, I shared this bit of humor with fellow SCAdians on facebook and got even more gems!



Which was then followed this up with an image a scribe made of this very scene,

And why I called this post “Beaver Testicles”, and what better way for Canadian Mutt to make its start than with one of our iconic animals?

I shall now continue forth into further heraldic madness!

Wish me Luck!

One thought on “Beaver Testicles

  1. So, this was absolutely fantastic. I played SCA many years ago, and I would like to start again soon. Back then I found what I wanted, but I lost the book and now I can’t find it anywhere! Booooo!

    This article was great. The one I wish I could blazon is the killer rabbits riding dogs. I want that.

    Liked by 1 person

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