“Wappenbuch – BSB Cod.icon. 392 d” DONE, Now Memes!


May 2, 2016 by Rua Lupa

Another medieval heraldic book done, no last Individually Attested Pattern, and now all the memes!

Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg2Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg4Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg4v-2Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg5Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg41Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg52Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg54Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg55Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg88Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg159Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg201rWappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg220rThere was at least one other depiction like this and I can’t help but wonder what their logic was for having it as their heraldry?

Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg244rWappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg245vWappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg249rThere were a lot of depictions of arms like this, sometimes with fists instead.

Wappenbuch_BSB_Cod-icon-_392_d_pg281rPerhaps it is pointed up to express that they are a feminist but definitely as a man.

Now there were a lot of others that were interesting beasties, but I plan on using them for the next article as a study case in support of a new beast interpretation. Stay tuned for that!

4 thoughts on ““Wappenbuch – BSB Cod.icon. 392 d” DONE, Now Memes!

  1. Jeb Raitt says:

    Alternate captions for “Raise the roof!”

    “To Arms!”

    “I Surrender!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeb Raitt says:

    Alternate caption for “Cursed Hood”

    “Adventure Time” (might not be able to use it due to copyright issues. It’s the title of a cartoon series.)


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