Today I’ve Done Something I’ve Never Done Before… It’ll Take Some Adjustment… + Addendum

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Jun 27, 2016 by Rua Lupa

Today I did something I never have done before, I cut my hair REALLY Short AND DYED IT! Its so short that I know my parents and likely siblings would not approve. But that isn’t any of their business now is it? I am certainly not beholden to antiquated sexist stereotypes, so I’m having fun with THIS round of donating my hair (Angel Hair for Kids™ is a program of A Child’s Voice Foundation™ that provides wigs and hair loss solutions to financially disadvantaged children in Canada who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment).

Yep, since I’ve become an adult, every time I’ve ever cut my hair I’ve donated it. [Addendum] This started with a conversation about heritages with my high school mates that led to talking about our natural hair colors, how they changed as we aged and hair dying – one member said that they are a red head, to which we all said that it doesn’t look red, it definitely looked blond to us. They responded that that wasn’t their hair, it was a wig. Having a condition that had them loose their hair which was red and that they wear blond wigs because red haired wigs are actually rare. To which I vowed to always let my hair grow out to donate for fellow red heads who needed it [/Addendum]. But every other time I had my hair cut to shoulder length – This is a big change. And I AM having fun, because (shocker) hair grows back!

So, Here is the Before and After Shots….
2016_6-Jun 1392016_6-Jun 162
The Big surprise was feeling the wind ruffle my hair at the back of my head, then I noticed that I was leaning my head more forward than needed because my head is now lighter – than ever before! I am sure that this time around I’ll be visiting the hair dresser a little more often and not donated the next few times as I style it as it grows.
2016_6-Jun 180





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