American may face charges for spearing Canadian bear

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Aug 17, 2016 by Rua Lupa

Alberta officials say a ban on spear hunting is expected this autumn

American may face charges for spearing Canadian bear‘ is the headline of a BBC article about an American who legally spear hunted a bear, filmed it, put it on youtube (which has a lot of hunting videos of that nature), got a lot of flak online, which resulted in the Alberta officials planning to ban spear hunting of bears. The American in question had since taken the video down because of death threats – yes, people are so upset of someone legally killing a bear that they threaten to kill the hunter. Sound hypocritical much?

There are all these bleeding hearts over the hunt yet the hunter has a point – it can be just as much if not more humane than bow hunting. I understand if people who are opposed to hunting don’t hunt, but don’t force your views onto other people. A lot of these same people would uphold First Nation’s (Native Americans in the USA) right to hunt, and who would hunt in the same manner, if not with bows, but nowadays often with guns.

I don’t see anything wrong with spear hunting personally, except that you have to get closer and thus are more at risk of injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people complaining also eat meat – guess where your meat comes from? Killing an animal. And what conditions would you prefer that animal that would be your food to have lived in? Wildlife hunting is more often than not a more ethical option for where your meat comes from. Some may romanticize the life that is lived by wildlife too and say that they’re best to live out their lives without hunting – but guess what, the way most wildlife die involves a lot of suffering for days if not more, either from illness or injury, but what I’d argue as worse is being eaten alive. Yeah, being hunted and dying within an hour if not minutes looks to be a better way to go.

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