Canadian Reaction To Trump Presidency


Nov 9, 2016 by Rua Lupa

Its no surprise that most Canadians supported Hillary Clinton out of the two presidential candidates – a sizable portion of that is because of US-Canadian relations. Hillary was going to hold the status quo, and was going to continue on the legacy of President Obama. Really nothing to complain about, and has a good track record for her political work as far as Canadians are concerned. The majority of Canadians were expecting Hillary to win because of this. So it is to our immense surprise that Donald Trump not only garnered so much support, but is now President of the USA. And Canadians are afraid.

Afraid for our relationship with our closest ally; Afraid for the rights of people living in the USA; Afraid for world security.

To say I am disheartened by the outcome of this election would be a vast understatement. I am not only afraid, but genuinely disturbed. I’ve lost faith in a large portion of Americans. Because you’ve openly supported and elected a person who has shown lack of empathy – being completely self absorbed, has a history of assaulting women – by his own words, threatens violence toward anyone who disagrees with him or happens to have a different skin pigmentation, not to mention how his threats directly oppose freedom of speech, and is a pathological liar. The American people have told the world that this man represents them.

I can blame gerrymandering, I can blame the American media flaw of false equivalence representation on their programs, I can blame the Federal Republic political system that directly causes a two party system, I can blame the failing education system, but those are just symptoms. I blame the willful ignorance, bigotry, and ego of Americans who voted for Trump, those who didn’t vote, and those who voted for a third party candidate that would have otherwise supported the Democratic Candidate.

You might be saying to yourself, “I understand your blaming of Trump voters, by why the non-voters and especially the 3rd party voters?”

Non-Voters and Third party voters who would of otherwise voted for the Democratic Party are willfully ignorant of the reality of the current political system of their nation, bigoted because they were looking for purist ideas and being intolerant of others (hence the phrase, “Liberals Eat Their Own”), and too egotistical in wanting a candidate to bend over for your pet cause to be pragmatic for the good of everyone. A good descriptive line for this is, “You are not a bystander watching a train wreak – you are on the train.”

Canadians are deciding to not visit the USA, when they were planning to before; Canadians are boycotting American products; Canadians are inviting their American friends to move to Canada – and incidentally Canada’s immigration website crashed at the end of the election; And Canadians are changing their investments, along with a great many others internationally – causing a crash in investments in the US stock market. In essence the world is boycotting you.

What else do you expect when a major powerhouse in international trade threatens and campaigns to cut trade? So those who were keen on getting a “business man” to run a better economy for the USA, the rest of the world doesn’t think so.

It looks like dark days are ahead, many of us internationally are hoping that Trump’s impact stays at home, but are fearful that he may cause unrest. Particularly with his statements of withdrawing support for NATO members, and strong support of Vladimir Putin of Russia. Why? Because that emboldens Russia to invade Eastern Europe and possibly Poland – a NATO ally. Which means International War. And it could trigger a 3rd World War. Not to mention how he is very loose with his view on the use of Nukes. The most powerful military in the world is being run by this person. And the World Is Afraid.

It is a strange day when an American can legitimately say, “Screw this Fascism, I’m moving to Germany.”

When I contemplate all this, I am unsure what feeling I should express really. I think the most prominent feeling I have is disbelief that this is a reality that our world has to face now, for the next four years. How will we cope? How will our national leaders be able to disagree with Trump while not causing a dangerous reaction from the USA now? As his track record shows, he doesn’t tolerate those who disagree with him and has no hesitation in advocating the use of force. This is why the world is upset America. You’ve chosen this and brought it upon all of us, and you are the only ones to blame. For those Americans who did their best to avert this outcome,

Image by Rua Lupa

Image by Rua Lupa

Oh, and Statue of Liberty, I invite you to come over too. I’m sure we can find a nice place for you by the mouth of the St. Lawrence River where you can actually represent what you stand for, and don’t have to worry about assault from your leader.

5 thoughts on “Canadian Reaction To Trump Presidency

  1. John Byland says:

    Cannot disagree with all that you say. But I will take exception to your criticism of those who voted third party; many Americans could not, in good conscience, vote for either of the major party candidates. The selection process has been bastardized, the will of the rank and file voter being subjugated to special interests and their undue influence. Hillary Clinton was the presumed nominee and electee in 2008; it did not happen because she showed herself to be a poor choice, and, likely, a poor option as President.
    The Trump phenomenon is a bad joke, something from a black humor inspired small press publication. And there were just enough gullible voters (although not really, based upon the fact that Hillary got a plurality of the popular vote, at least according to the most recent numbers seen) to propel the orange nightmare to the victory. The farcical Electoral College also played a role in the disaster, a bone of contention which we seem unwilling to tackle with any degree of seriousness. Sort of a perfect storm for political disaster.
    For myself, I could not vote for either of them; his blatant idiocy, and her nefarious dealings around the globe and within the corporate circles stateside, made either of them an impossible choice. We need neither a megalomaniac nor a deceit enshrouded manipulator to lead our country, or the free world.
    My, our, apologies to Canadian friends, known or unmet; you need gaze Southward to observe the mire; we awaken beneath it each morning. Gonna be a long, painful four years, if we survive it. Peace!


    • Rua Lupa says:

      You provide a fair argument, but my point remains sound. The politics of the USA is de facto a two party system by design and by not choosing one of the two, you are in effect doing the same as not voting and leaving the option of who runs your nation by those who do decide which of the two. If people consistently choose the lesser of two evils every time, eventually you end up where you want to be. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

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      • John Byland says:

        Participating in the electoral process is not limited to voting for a Presidential nominee. Government is primarily, although not dramatically, local in level. And, as said, there was no choice to be made, save for method of destruction. The lesser evil tact is way past tired; we have been playing that self deceptive game for too long. Hillary was forced down our throats by a quite corrupted Democratic Party. Unfortunately, the concept of third party voting is condemned, as you, yourself, are doing, as a foolish waste of time. That is a way of preserving the two party system, which no longer works. Consistently choosing the lesser evil does not elevate to where you want to be, it lowers your expectations and makes it easier to accept mediocrity. The perfect is unattainable in any shape or form, and the realist accepts that fact; it is not the enemy, but an aide in finding direction: Idealism should not ever be abandoned, any more than attaining it should be expected.


        • Rua Lupa says:

          When operating in the current structure, you must work with it to make it work for you. That is when you choose the lesser of two evils. For Canada that was us going with the strategic voting campaign ABC – Anybody But Conservatives, and by working together we got the less bad out of the main two parties instead of splitting the vote. With that we campaigned for electoral reform. Which with that much public pressure we are currently working through having that reform done with deciding which proportional representation we want, replacing the First Past The Post system.

          So what I am saying is something that has proven to work. But it takes a concerted effort that works together instead of insisting on splitting the vote for your ideal candidate.

          It is then after elections when you campaign for fixing all the other broken elements for democracy. And frankly, a Republic is faulty for that.


  2. A Dolly for Sue says:

    Your post is right on. This last election was an absolute disgrace. It makes me embarrassed for this country. I would call it my country–I used to call it my country–but this election made me realize that it’s not my country and never was, not when its system allows a selfish, narcissistic, misogynistic, vulgar, completely inexperienced, bigoted man who has bragged about sexual assault to win, over a strong, brilliant woman who was one of the most qualified candidates ever to run for the office. Of course, as a woman, I’ve experienced sexism my whole life, but this really opened my eyes. And the fact that more white women voted for the orange goblin than for Clinton… I can’t even…

    I’m turning in my white card. And I can’t support a country that doesn’t support me.

    The fact that Clinton got 2.8 million more votes in heartening. But with the Republikkkans controlling all branches of government and determined to keep systems in place that benefit only white, straight, Christian men, I won’t just be holding on for the next four years; I’ll be clinging for dear life.

    Oh, well. At least I can still say I’m proud to be a Californian.


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