Open Letter To Liberals & Canadians On Electoral Reform

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Feb 4, 2017 by Rua Lupa

Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau walks from the parliament to give a press conference in Ottawa on October 20, 2015 after winning the general elections. AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau walks from the parliament to give a press conference in Ottawa on October 20, 2015 after winning the general elections. AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

So far I have been very pleased with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, until the back peddling with fixing the Election system. In that I agree we Canadians need to put his feet to the fire – and I am not going to be whining about a pet system being the only good system – any of the proportional systems, and Alternative Vote systems are a vast improvement to the First Past the Post system.

What has bogged him down from acting on that is the in fighting between the parties about a way forward – so it isn’t fair to just blame him – if the Conservatives had it their way in the consultations it would be put to a referendum.


Which the NDP and Greens backed by the way, but independently disagree with (GreensNDP).


With a Referendum we would have far too many people vote for the known and familiar for fear of the unknown and unfamiliar – also a symptom of TLDR. Referendums have been proven to be where electoral reforms go to die (British Columbia, Ontario). That was what the Conservatives wanted – to poison the well for any future electoral changes, with either a Referendum that kept First Past The Post, or stall and cripple the entire process. Why? Because First Past The Post favors the Conservatives of course!


What we Canadians should advocate is Trudeau just putting in a system the Liberal party has found to be better. Done. But everyone will cry “Undemocratic!” And when he tries to be Democratic, gets shat on when it goes to pieces and admits it.


My message about #CanadaElectoralReform is, “Liberals, anything but First Past The Post, is a vast improvement. Take advantage of your majority and choose what you think is best. Besides, it was your promise after all.”




Though I will admit, my preferred system is Single Transferable Vote,


followed by Ranked Vote / Alternative Vote / Preferential Ballot

Now, I realize a lot of political equal rights advocates will be against me on the rank / alternative vote system. My reasoning is that

a) It works in that it actually represents what most want, leading to Moderate Governments, and

b) You do not give power to those on the extreme ends of the spectrum (As the Liberal Party had pointed out), which you see when completely proportional systems are in place else where in the world.


In essence I agree with Elizabeth May when she said, “Not that I don’t think [a referendum] is unnecessary — I don’t think it is appropriate,”
“We are essentially talking about a rights issue: the right that every voter knows that their vote will count. Essentially, in getting to a proportional representation system of some kind we’re looking after minority rights.”


It is not about how many Canadians want it or not. It is about having a properly functioning democracy.



Addendum (February 13th / 12017 H.E.)

And because I am tired of people complaining that Prime Minister Trudeau is either Anti-OilSands, or Anti-Environment. You have not been paying attention and apparently only heard what you wanted to hear. Allow me to share a video of him addressing this issue, as he consistently has since the beginning, in his own words as at a Manitoba Town Hall meeting,

The reality is that these new pipelines are just altering the method of transportation that is already happening from a more dangerous rail route, to a safer pipeline route. Pipelines are far from perfect, but are admittedly a better alternative.

I am opposed to any increase in Oil Sand production, but I am also opposed to instant shut off, because that will lead to an economic crisis and backfire against the environmental goals (not to mention the protesting example in the video showing how you can turn people off of your cause). Therefore, I believe the way to go is not to put all our focus on the Oil output, but to focus more on the source – not the mining, but the demand. Do our damndest to encourage the transition off of oil, and that will result in the Oil industry failing due to lack of demand. While that happens, we should make the Oil Industry transition into the Renewable Industry a positive process – and that is actually what Oil workers want. It is a Win-Win!

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