Political Pragmatist Rant

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May 3, 2017 by Rua Lupa

Funny thing, I may agree with the vast majority of Progressive, Liberal, ‘Leftist’, Socialist, ideas. But damn it, I am a pragmatist. Waving Banners and Yelling your ideas and expecting instant results is no way to get what you want – it does make people aware, yes. It does keep pressure on representatives, yes. Keep up that pressure. But the hard truth is that it takes more than that. It takes people willing to do the grunt work of getting their hands dirty in Politics and changing the problems from within. This is why I support the Green Party, continuing to donate to keep it going and help move the political field in that direction, but ultimately vote for the Liberal Party because they get shit done. No half assing it – does it work or does it not? Is the science sound? Does it have long term problems? Decision made and onto the next topic. In the end, I am a Moderate. Because I want solutions to problems that everyone faces and want to avoid idealized solutions. I want the Oil workers and the Tree Huggers to have full healthy lives, and still make a living (Oil Jobs Transition to Renewable Jobs – where Oil workers are not pushed out or left behind). To me, this is not an either / or choice. There is always a middle way that solves the majority of problems and concerns. Villainizing and Othering those who hold opposing views just breeds conflicts and offers Zero solutions. It is a waste of time.

Now those in power in the USA, okay, I am honestly conflicted on not villainizing them – because they are White Supremacists and Bigots – not to mention support wealth disparity which makes it hard to believe they care about the common people. They don’t, literally taking every opportunity to line their own pockets (deregulating industry they have investments in to make more profit – even though it is detrimental to public health). These need to be called out and held accountable. But those who voted them in, they have a chance to meet us on common goals. I believe that is where the focus should be.

We care about having an opportunity to decide our futures, we care about our health and the health of loved ones, we care about justice, we care about a better future. Now lets make that happen in every way we can with everyone we can.

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