Millennial Reality Check

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Aug 23, 2017 by Rua Lupa

So, I keep seeing these ‘Millennials Destroying (insert industry)’ with the latest, and one of the better ones being this one.

When viewing these I frequently internally laugh with the thought of “so long” because these industries that are crying havoc are really just being revealed as the unnecessary things that they are and will not be missed.

The claims of demise I did find odd were,

a) Beer – because many Millennials are still beer drinkers, and many are avid enthusiasts at that. Just less about the economics of quantity and more interested in home brew and craft companies which Millennials are the biggest backers of, and makes it pretty clear the ones who are really concerned about Beer are just the big brand names; And

b) Bars of Soap. Apparently because of the assumption that they are dirty – which is a false assumption, and is actually more economical and environmentally conscious. And because of this I think that the ones complaining are again big brand companies and that environmentally conscious companies – like LUSH – and cottage industry makers are doing fine in this market.

In the end, most of the flag waving of industry demises can be easily summed up as the economy being so messed up that the school debt and crap wages with shit hours and no job security that today’s young adults face makes anything that is unnecessary and costs money a no go. Hence delayed home ownership (which goes hand in hand with home renovations) and delayed families. 

On top of Baby Boomers selling their homes at ridiculous prices (apparently with the hopes of living off of that money) that most everyone who is at family starting age cannot afford! Which just ends up being sold to either foreign investors in dense urban areas, or another, younger, recent retiree, or seasonal residents / cottagers from the city (who think those high prices are a good deal, while they are far beyond the average income of those living in the area year round – and if they do try to stay year round, do not normally last more than a couple years because of being unaccustomed to the ‘isolation’).

Not to mention that a secure full time job in the majority of sectors is hard to find these days with most jobs being either part-time with crazy unreliable hours, or contract work. Thus the “picky” complaints you hear from media coverage on Millennials and Jobs.

And people wonder why there is such a strong push for a higher minimum wage and job security with increasing calls for a ‘maximum wage’ to even things out.

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