Dear Cottagers in COVID-19 Crisis

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Apr 5, 2020 by Rua Lupa

I wish Cottagers did not keep reminding permanent residents that their taxes and local shopping support people. It is not a good look to flaunt your privileges in treating what is home and a livelihood to many as your right to have as a getaway.

A lot of people never have that option to getaway and do not expect to because it is not and will not be in reach no matter how hard and long they work or save. Having a cottage is not as common or normal an experience as it appears to be expected – it is a reflection of wealth status. So a 2nd home should not be treated as equal as an only home – it is not a necessity, it is a luxury.

Respect to those who understand this and are staying at their permanent residents. I understand missing the good things that are now not accessible when expected, but try being reasonable and consider that there are fellow people who hear this and are stuck in apartment buildings with no yard, that are essential workers who are worried about bringing this illness home – some are not even paid living wages, that have no job security, that have medical needs that require taking a risk by leaving their dwellings – some are at higher risk of mortality if they get this virus, that medical workers are trying to manage with the resources that were designed for only supporting permanent residents. So please refrain from complaining about cottage luxuries in a crisis. Right now, your taxes and business are the least of our concerns, and never should be used as bludgeon – unless you want to be less well regarded.

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