Canada Flag Showing Truth

Jun 27, 2021 by Rua Lupa

Canada Flag Showing Truth | Rua Lupa 12021 H.E.

Canada today was built upon the genocide of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (North America). History could have led to a different reality today, where the First Nations determined how the relationship with Europeans developed. We could have had a network of nations that were a respectful blending of cultures. But that did not happen, and generations suffered under oppression and forced assimilation. My family line happens to be one of those assimilated. It is not just a history that should not be forgotten, it is a lived reality today with how survivors are here with us now who were subjected to the Residential School System and The 60’s Scoop. Many of these children were tormented and died in the Residential Schools and Forced Foster Care.

If Reconciliation is to happen, we need to bring all that is known about the schools and foster care and those that were killed by the abuse and neglect there to the light. May those who perpetuated these atrocities be held accountable the same way the Nazi’s were – who themselves drew inspiration from the Reservation System enacted on the Peoples of Turtle Island. Canada should follow the same response for justice and have the equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials. The ongoing Murder and Missing of Indigenous Women and Girls remains a horrific reality today that must also be treated with the same seriousness and urgency.

Systemic Racism has led to disproportioned representation in Incarceration and Child Services, Rampant Poverty, Environmental Racism, Lack of Clean Drinking Water, Discrimination in Work, Healthcare, Housing, and Financial Access. All originating from Land Theft leading to today’s denial of Land Sovereignty.

The time for words is over, now is the time to act on those words. Otherwise those words are empty and worthless, and the Flag displayed here is a truer representation of Canada, a Canada that is okay with these atrocities.


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