Why Start This Blog?

This blog was founded to provide a venue for my writing that didn’t fit well for another blog site I wrote for, Patheos which was a host site for discussions on religious practices. In my case as a naturalistic pagan – someone who doesn’t believe the supernatural (deities, spirits, etc.) exist, and goes about life in an earth-centered way that acknowledges that I am but one species among many in a vast network of life on this planet, being reliant on this network for our own well being. As a result I have a website that is dedicated to this endeavor, based on the philosophy I stumbled into founding in my personal life searches for meaning – Ehoah. You can read the background to that here.

I had since left Patheos, and so I moved the majority of my writings from Patheos: Paths Through The Forests, my previous blog group No Unsacred Place, and current and future writings with the Natural Pagans group, here under the Seasons & Stardust tag.

A large portion of what wanted to share and write about here when I founded it, is tied to one of my hobbies – The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a Living History group that focuses on pre-1600 history, being primarily medieval in focus. Hence the heraldic wolf in the logo of the site – as one of my interests in the SCA is book heraldry. All my writings pertaining to Living History will be found under The Cairn, because it is my historical cache 😉

The primary reason was to keep on top of my crafting and writing, because a prominent piece of advice for writers to get out of writing block is to keep writing to get your jive back. For the crafting side of things it adds some helpful reminders on the progress and encourages me to, you know, finish them… while at the same time show others how they can do some nifty things too! Because I love spreading the crafting bug!

Why “Canadian Mutt”?

Because I am one. For those not familiar with the term, its just a statement of being of mixed heritage – commonly a blend of various European peoples and a healthy dashing of a variety of Aboriginal peoples. Often leaving the amount of each as a bit of guesswork.

Coming from such a position has left me many a time in the proverbial middle of divisive discussions. Where people expect you to pick one side or another, and I simply am unable to – usually coming at it from a middle way, because how else am I to go about it? This had made me realize that much of what I talk about revolves around this kind of situation so it felt appropriate. Not to mention my handle being Rua Lupa – literally Gaelic for “red-haired” and Latin for “she-wolf”, being grammatically bastardized in an Anglophone order because if it was not I would keep being referred to as Lupa for short, instead of the preferred “Rua”. For those who have a tick against that sort of mangling, you may be relieved to find that I also go by Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha (Old Irish) as an Ealdormerian SCAdian. In both cases I go by Rua/Ruadh informally.

For Canadian Politics & other Hot Topics that are occurring in or related to Canada, look under the tab “Political Barking”

All of my writings will be together under “Rua’s Rambles”

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