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“The Cairn” tab is Rua’s Historical Cache

Living History, Experimental Archaeology,
SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)

Pre-1600’s Crafts & Skills
From The Medieval Period to the Paleolithic

You can view the historical funnies Rua gathered and made under the tag “medieval meme



A Naturalistic Paganism Writers Group that Rua writes with that focuses on Nature based Philosophy and Theology.

Rua’s writings on this topic are under the Seasons & Stardust tab
The subcategory under this tab is a summary and resource page,
Nature Based Holidays Ritual & History



The “Political Barking” tab is, as it sounds, where Rua writes on political topics of various issues. Primarily focused on those that relate to Canadian concerns.



And lastly the “Rua’s Rambles” tab is a collection of all of Rua’s writings in one place. The tab has subcategories for crafting and funnies.

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